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GM Tomato

In 1996 one of the first GM crops to be introduced in the worls was brought in - Calgene's FlavrSavr tomato.

Calgene had genetically modified tomato so that it could look fresh for weeks after being picked. It was called the FlavrSavr TM . Calgene conducted three 28-day rat feeding studies with this tomato. In one study, 7 of the 20 female rats that ate one of the two FlavrSavr TM tomato lines developed stomach lesions. Few years later, the full result of the study and FDA's assessment were made public, when a lawsuit forced the agency to divulge its internal files. 7 out of the 40 rats that were fed the same FlavrSavr TM tomato line had died within two weeks. One each from the other groups also died.

Bt Tomato, is under trial in India.

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