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It is very difficult to predict the ways in which Genetically Modified foods and crops can affect the eco-system and how these interactions with the crop will affect the organisms that come in contact with it. There have been instances of negative impact on soil in GM fields. Water withdrawals have tended to be on the higher side, something that could make agriculture unsustainable over time. Animals that have consumed GM crop have been affected seriously, some have even died. In certain cases, pests have developed resistance to the crops. It is reported that more chemical fertilizers are being used on Bt Cotton. As data from across the world shows, GM Crops have only increased the use of chemicals in the past decade with the emergence of ‘super weeds’ and ‘super pests’.

The balance in any eco-system is achieved through interactions between various species over millions of years. Any tampering with such a delicate balance at the most fundamental level can transform the environment in ways we can't predict. While our understanding of the world around us has advanced in many ways, our knowledge of the workings of the gene and that of the eco-system is still very primitive.

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