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Most technological errors can be reversed if things go wrong. However, GM crops are living things and have the ability to reproduce and to multiply therefore it can't be reversed. When the StarLink corn controversy erupted, the US Government officials estimated that it would take 4 years to take GM out of the US food and seed supply. After nearly a spending of $ 1 bn and three years, StarLink corn was still found in 1% of the samples. While StarLink corn is not being grown anywhere in the world, it is quite possible that it is still there in the food chain.

GM seeds that have not been approved for commercial cultivation but have only been field-tested are ending up in the food chain. Besides, to trace every seed and organism that could have been contaminated is not an easy task. This would be further complicated in a situation when there are multiple GM crops and they are interacting with their environment in myriad ways.

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