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The GM Debate

The whole issue of GM and its negative impact on farmers, on consumers and on environment has been made out to be a controversial debate instead of a fact. It is not the first time that such a thing has happened and it won't be the last. The tobacco industry tried to position the whole carcinogenic nature of tobacco as a debate and succeeded in fooling everyone for a few decades. In the case of GM, without proper animal testing, one doesn't even know which diseases to look for in people. Which is the case with most commercial GM food. Besides, GM foods in several countries, including US are not labelled. Neither consumers nor manufacturers know how much GM content is there in the food. So, it becomes all the more difficult for an investigator to provide the link. Having said that, there is enough proof built up by independent scientists and academicians through rigorous research and investigation that reinforces the fact that GM food are not safe.

As a result, the wise countries (which are the majority) have rejected GM food in one way or another.

If the kind of detrimental effects seen in animals fed GM food were observed in a clinical setting, the use of the product would have been belted and further research instigated to determine the cause and find possible solutions.
Michael Antoniou, Molecular geneticist

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