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Won’t GM solve the hunger problem?

For starters, you wouldn't want to feed anyone food that is not safe, even if that person is hungry. If we were to leave that out for a moment, can GM actually solve world's hunger problem?

It should be remembered that hunger and malnourishment, from what history shows us, are not a result of scarcities in production but mainly due to poverty and lack of political power. They result from distribution failures rather than production failures. According to the 1998 book, ‘World Hunger: Twelve Myths': ‘The world today produces enough grain alone to provide every human being on the planet with 3500 calories per day...if all the foods are considered together, enough is available to provide at least 4.3 pounds per person every day'. The book also makes note that '78% of all malnourished children under five in the developing world live in countries with food surpluses'.

Anyhow, does GM actually help improve yield? Yield is a complex phenomenon that depends on numerous factors, including weather, availability of irrigation and moisture, soil productivity, farmers’ management skills and level of pest/disease infestation. In the very first year of Bt Cotton commercial cultivation in India (2002-03), the largest survey on performance was done in the state of Andhra Pradesh, by thedepartment of Agriculture. It covered 53% of all Bt farmers in AP. This continues to be the largest percentage sample of Bt Cotton performance in the country to this day. And 71% farmers reported low yield when compared to local hybrids. More

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