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In reality, even in the USA, the biggest promoter of GE technology, GM crops were found to be lower than or at best equivalent to non-GM crops when it comes to yields. There have been reduced yields recorded consistently with the use of Roundup Ready soybean. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) itself records that there is no economic gain or economic loss with some GM crops.

In China there is documented evidence to show that though there was an initial decline in the pesticide use after the entry of Bt Cotton, the pest ecology in cotton fields changed dramatically and secondary pests had become a major problem now. Pesticide use has gone back to earlier levels because of this. Further, there are newer and newer diseases being reported on Bt Cotton, almost unknown on cotton crop before. These diseases include Tobacco Streak Virus, Bronze Wilt and so on. And there are proven better sustainable solutions to improve yield.

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