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Aren’t other countries growing GM Crops?

Despite GM having the backing of large multinational corporations, Only 14 countries of the world have opted for GM crop cultivation in any considerable way. There has been a mass consumer rejection of GM crops around the world.

Therefore, there is no large scale adoption of the technology as the industry would like everyone to believe. In fact, in most areas of Europe and elsewhere, consumers have been strongly and consistently rejecting any GE in their food and are forcing market players to put out only non-GE stuff on the shelves of supermarkets and other shops. Countries are imposing fresh bans on GE crop cultivation. Activists are challenging biosafety In India too, more and more areas are declaring themselves GE-Free.

The Uttaranchal state government has announced itself to be GE free. Villages in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and other places are also using their constitutional authority to declare themselves GE-Free. Kerala has also declared itself as a GE free zone. The West Bengal State Agriculture Commission has recommended a ban GM crop and the trials in the state. The Orissa agriculture minister has gone on record saying that he will disallow GM crop trials in his state.

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