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Aren’t you against science if you are against GM?

The main problem with GM is not that it is scientific, but not scientific enough to overcome the unpredictable effects that result from this experiment. And that rigorous scientific tests are not being performed by an independent team of scientists to ascertain their safety. From whatever studies that have been conducted independently, there is enough evidence to show that GM food is not safe for consumption. The rats and their offspring on whom GM food was tested had stunted growth, impaired immune systems, potentially precancerous cell growth in the intestines, inflamed kidneys and lung tissue, less developed brain, enlarged livers, pancreases and intestines and higher blood sugar. In fact, the off spring were also affected. Even studies on farmers have shown that the yields don’t live up to the promise. And that weeds and pests have begun to develop resistance.

Therefore, the demand is only that GM food should not be allowed to grown in open fields and sold in markets, till their safety for consumers and ecology is ascertained and the benefits for farmers is assured through rigorous scientific tests.Safety testing of GM crops and foods is technically dicey. The GE-related instability is such that GM crops released based on some tests have a different structure at the molecular level, when tested a few years later. Given this lack of stability, we might not even know what to look and test for.

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