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GM Corn

Due to concerns that Starlink GM corn may cause allergies, the EPA did not approve the corn for human consumption. They did however approve StarLink as an animal feed. Despite stringent norms – StarLink and any other corn grown within 660 ft. was to be only used for animal consumption – it was identified in 22% of the food samples tested by USDA in 2000. When the StarLink contamination was reported in the US media, thousands of people complained to food companies of reactions.

Filipinos living next to a GM cornfield developed skin, respiratory, and intestinal symptoms and fever, while the corn was pollinating. The mysterious symptoms returned the following year, also during pollination, and blood tests on 39 of the Filipinos showed an immune response to the Bt toxin. In Philippines, many villages had to be evacuated because of the pollen in the wind. Worldwide GM corn is being used for bio-fuel affecting the food security. In India, GM corn is under trial and in all likelihood will be launched in the market very soon.

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